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>> reporter: mitt romney got sunshine from a startling poll by gallup for usa today that shows him leading now in 12 battleground states from colorado to florida to ohio. since the debate in denver. romney over obama 50 to 46 among likely voters because gallup found romney trails with women in swing states by just one. a once wide gender gap closed. team obama disputes the numbers. a shift like that is critical. >> whoever wins the women, usually wins the election. >> reporter: tonight the debate is a town hall. audience questions. in a debate like that 1992, george bush 41 looked irritable. >> help me with the question. >> reporter: small state governor clinton looks empathetic. >> when people lose their jobs, i'll know them by their names. >> reporter: al gore appeared reckless when he approached george bush 43. >> continue to preach what he
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believed in because he is more moderate than people give him credit for. >> reporter: advice for president obama. >> i think he needs to take charge and show that he has been running this country for four years. >> reporter: one issue is sure to be libya. four u.s. dead. the white house for days denying a terrorist attack. >> something terrible happened, and we have to find out what it was. >> reporter: secretary of state clinton saying blame her, not the president. and much of tonight's focus will be on the economy. roughly 80 uncommitted voters will make up the town hall and ask questions screened and selected by moderator candy crowley of cnn, who can ask follow-ups. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news at hofstra university, hempstead, new york. >> thank you so much, steve. and you can watch the debate live from hofstra university right here on nbc bay area. coverage begins at 6:00 p.m. and coming up in a few minutes, our political analyst larry gerston will break down what to watch for in tonight's debate. the recent terrorist attack
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in libya is of special significance here in the bay area. as we speak, thousands of people are coming together to remember the life of bay area native chris stevens. he was the ambassador who was killed in that attack. we have been streaming this memorial service on our website since it began at 4:30. this is a live look now inside san francisco's city hall. jodi hernandez is also there, outside of city hall. i know you spent time with steven's parents. they must be so proud today, but also proud of his accomplishments. >> they certainly are. the memorial is taking place inside city hall. stevens' sisters and his brother are sharing memories of their childhood, growing up with christopher stevens. his sister remembered him as clever and witty, someone who is always dedicated to his family. she esaid no matter where he travelled in the world, he would always come home. tonight his friends and family must say goodbye. >> his commitment in being the
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ambassador to an area of our world that is in such turmoil was a huge, huge high calling for him. >> i know we have lost a hero, but we need to celebrate that life. >> reporter: and that's the aim of this afternoon's memorial service for ambassador chris stevens. mayor ed lee says there is not a more appropriate place to pay tribute to the slain u.s. ambassador to libya than san francisco's city hall. >> he was in fact a bay area uc berkeley grad, a hastings grad, one that really spent his professional development in what i think is one of the greatest cities and regions of our country. >> though it is a family affair, but it is open to the public. >> charlotte schultz, the former wife of secretary of state george shultz organized the service. she says the ambassador's brothers and sisters will speak, as will college friends and dignitaries. >> and there are people coming from hastings and uc berkeley, people coming from the state department.
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ambassador pickering will be speaking. the ambassador from libya to the united states will be here. >> reporter: stevens' parents will not take the podium, but they shared with us how proud they are of their son. >> he was a great big brother. he watched over his brothers and sister. and he was -- he was a responsible person. >> he wasn't the kind of diplomat to sit in the office and attend receptions and just be a formal person. he was a man of the people. >> reporter: those are the kinds of memories folks will have a chance to share as they show their gratitude for stevens' sacrifice. >> with the turnout of the people here in san francisco, the bay area, and wherever they have come from will show that their son was loved, was respected, and is honored here today. >> reporter: and you are seeing a live look at that memorial taking place as we speak in the
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rotunda of city hall here in san francisco. senator dianne feinstein is speaking. also present is congresswoman barbara lee, and the libyan ambassador to the united states will also speak. this memorial is scheduled to go until 6:00 tonight. from here the family will take the ambassador's remains to their hometown of grass valley where they will bury him with his relatives. reporting live in san francisco, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, jodi. now to a follow-up on our investigation of fracking in california. several environmental groups filed a lawsuit today, suing state regulators over the controversial practice of hydraulic fracturing. the lawsuit claims the division of oil, gas, and geothermal resources failed to properly evaluate the risks of fracking, which the california environmental quality act requires. as it stands today, california does not regulate fracking. nbc bay area investigative reporter stephen stock talked
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with the state's top regulator who admits california dropped the ball on fracking regulation. and you can see that exclusive interview tomorrow at 6:00 and 11:00 on nbc bay area news. a bizarre crime in contra costa county. someone posing as a cop kidnapped a day laborer. authority says the suspect hired the worker outside of a home improvement store, and then held him captive inside a of a lafayette home. the worker managed to escape to a nearby home where the neighbor called police. the suspect is 51-year-old todd morton. he was working as a caretaker at the home. they say after the day laborer finished his work, morton falsely identified himself as a police officer and then handcuffed him. morton has posted a bail of $125,000. san rafael now has one of the strictest smoking bans in the nation. the city council approved the new ordinance last night, which bans smoking from apartments, condos, and other multiunit buildings. it also bans people from standing on the street smoking unless they're walking.
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while many applauded the new restrictions, some smokers say it goes too far. >> are they going to enforce it, combust into your apartment door, you know, cite you for smoking? i don't see that happening. >> nine other california cities have also banned smoking from multiuse buildings. the new law takes effect next month. a real life lesson outside the classroom. that's what san jose state professors were hoping to give at an all-day teach-in. students took each other on, debating issues that hit closest to campus. we're talking about measure d and prop 30. stephanie trong is live at san jose state university with more on that. stephanie? >> reporter: good evening, janelle. the person who kicked off what is now measure d is a student here at san jose state. she grew up with two parents who were farm workers, working multiple jobs. that's why she is pursuing the campaign to raise the minimum wage in san jose. in her first ever interview, she spoke with us today about how important it is to bring that dialogue to campus, especially
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ahead of tonight's presidential debates. >> i did have to struggle a lot with my parents being gone. >> reporter: at the ymca where she works, she saw many kids struggling with absent parents who are working multiple jobs. >> i really related to them. >> reporter: so in a sociology class, she and her peers worked on what is now measure d to raise san jose's minimum wage from $8 to $10 in hopes of making one job enough. >> it's a dream come true of mine. >> reporter: her professor took measure d to the students today where they debated both sides. >> increase the minimum wage, students will have a greater ability to pay for tuition and other costs. >> go through stores and places like that that can't afford to pay $2 more to every single employee that they hire. >> i would say 80% of our students are working full time. the average age is 27 years old on our campus. and these students, i'd say about 25% of them are making minimum wage. so they are deeply interested in that topic. >> reporter: nen it was on to
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prop 30. the sales and income tax increase slated to raise anywhere from 7 to $9 billion. >> specifically will get $150 million for our next budget year. we actually stop the tuition increase of $150. >> i do care about education. i just don't think this is the right proposition, the right time for the taxes, and it's poorly worded. >> reporter: no matter what side they've taken, they're on a mission to educate and empower their peers despite a poor showing at the teach-in this morning. >> the people that are there, they're there one 100%. and that's what counts. one person can do a lot. >> reporter: and the big event on campus that tonight happens in less than two hours at 7:00, it's a debate on measure d between a ceo of united way and a representative of the chambers of commerce. organizers are expecting a good showing there. stephanie trong, nbc bay area news. >> okay, stephanie, thank you. we want to go back to our breaking news now in the bay, actually, just outside of the golden gate bridge. well led our newscast talking about this.
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this is america's cup's 72-foot boat, an oracle boat that has capsized. we believe in the 3:00 hour. in the last 90 minutes, this boat has been floating away from the bay and towards the ocean. we want to reiterate now, there are no serious injuries that have been reported to us. but as you can see, our nbc chopper senior on the scene, zooming in there. are about five to six crewmembers not stranded on the boat. they have actually chosen to get on the boat to help it for some reason. we're not sure why. but they've been on the boat, trying to corral it. it's been floating away underneath the golden gate bridge for the last 90 minutes. this is the america's cup 72-foot boat, the same boats that will be racing in the bay next year. they were on a practice run this afternoon when it capsized. >> now an oracle team spokesman just sent out an e-mail and said it's basically breaking apart. it's a totals. the knots are strong, 25 knots. the currents are strong at this time. fortunately no one hurt. this happened at 3:00 when it capsized and started drifting
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very rapidly, even though rescue boats are tethered to this catamaran. of course we will continue to follow this. good news, nobody is hurt. but this is a multimillion-dollar catamaran that has capsized in the bay, and we will keep you posted. >> and each one of these boats upwards of $10 million. it is pricey. we just saw the mast break off 20 minutes ago. within the last five or ten minutes, there have been a lot of crewmembers jumping on and on to the boat. once again, this is the america's cup boat drifting away. apparently going to sink in the short while just outside of the golden gate bridge. back to our other news now. the informal's biggest game, the super bowl could be coming to the bay area. in fact, it's a likely scenario. san francisco mayor ed lee announced the bay area has made the short list of potential super bowl host cities for 2016 and 2017. if you recall, the nfl commissioner did say he would guarantee a super bowl to the bay area if and when the 49ers built that new stadium in santa clara. so this appears to be coming
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true. nfl team owners voted today on the picks. the bay area is competing with south florida for the 2016 game. that's super bowl l in 2016. the losing city, whether it's san francisco or the florida area, the losing city would go up against houston for the 2017 game. if they win the bid, they'll have a brand-new stadium in santa clara to show off. many super bowl events would still be held in san francisco. in fact, that's the plan. the base would be san francisco. the game would be in santa clara. the finalists have until may to pitch their city. nfl team owners will make their final pick at the annual spring meeting. here are big names on the local super bowl committee. take a look. condoleezza rice, charles schwab, steve jobs' widow, laurene jobs. a new concern for campers at lake tahoe, and why it's all linked back to a chipmunk. plus -- >> i'm scott budman at linkedin
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with a brand-new way to help you find your next job. plus, tech news from apple and the san francisco 49ers, all coming up. and good afternoon. i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. we are tracking some breezy to windy conditions here across the bay area. it's increasing our fire danger in san francisco. winds gusting in the low 30s. we have details on the oracle boat. we'll have more coming up on the forecast in a few minutes.
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okay. didn't we just do this? it's on. apple sending out invitations to its next roll-out. scott budman joins us. scott, everyone guessing at another ipad. i have to update my iphone and ipad. >> reporter: another product. important is apple is not saying what it will show off on october 23rd. but those looking for hints in the invitation probably didn't t past the words "we've got a little more to show you" before guessing that apple will indeed
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be coming out with a smaller version of the ipad, expecting to challenge the-inch devices from amazon and google. the big question is what will this one do and how much will it cost? we'll let you know in a week. speaking of tablets, microsoft in the game with the surface tablet. the company announce you'd can preorder surface today for delivery around october 26th. it starts around $500. we got a very brief chance to demo it. can't tell you much about it other than it feels pretty good and impressive. it will come with microsoft's latest software update called windows rt. the other big focus tonight jobs. it will likely dominate the presidential debate in one hour. it was the focus of a silicon valley launch earlier this afternoon. linkedin showed off changes to its site. the emphasis here on more frequent updates to keep you networking. here in silicon valley, networking is the way to get the next job. linkedin is getting more social
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so company also have an easier way finding you and you finding them. amazon says it will hire 50,000 people for the expected holiday rush over the next few months. amazon looking to staff its centers around the country, and said some of those jobs will likely turn into full-time gigs. and we'll get a little football in here. the 49ers say the newest football stadium still being built will have brocade inside. the san jose networking company will work with the niners to, among other things, let fans tap into wifi networks on mobile devices during the football games. how many fans, you ask? to put this in some perspective, the san francisco giants say this year 11,000 fans per game tapped into the wifi networks at at&t park. janelle, football crowds of course are even bigger. >> yeah, we're all online, high-tech. thanks, scott. >> you bet. warnings are expanding tonight in lake tahoe after one of the world's deadliest diseases is found in a rodent there. health officials confirm a chipmunk was diagnosed with the plague.
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it was found rolled up in a ball, convulsing in front of the taylor creek visitor's center in south lake tahoe. warnings have posted for taylor creek and camp richardson resort. the plague is primarily carried by rodents and spread to humans through infected fleas. we want to bring in our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri, also tracking our breaking news out on the water on the san francisco bay about the oracle boat that has capsized that i believe has now turtled. means it's flipped over, the mast pointing downward. >> we'll have more of the pictures coming up. we do want to start with the weather right now. we're starting to get this northerly wind building in. that helps to scour out the fog across the peninsula. so increased sunshine today with its developing dry, northwesterly wind. from 15 to 25 miles per hour. sustained wind right now in san francisco at 27 miles per hour. also gusting in the low 30s. so not only is this, you know, creating some very rough seas out here, but it's also the cause here of some temperatures heating up today.
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let's get a look at how warm those temperatures were. santa rosa at 88 degrees. the last time we had temperatures close to this was on october the 2nd. and as we head throughout our midweek forecast we are expecting some 90s to come our way. now speaking of the wind, for most of the interior valleys, it's a dry fire wind we're dealing with. that will be 15 to 25 miles per hour. not only low humidity, but also extremely dangerous, especially for the hills here on thursday. 15 to 25 miles per hour. then eventually some relief for friday. let's take you out to the breaking news. of course, the oracle boat that has pretty much capsized, and now is completely in the water now, past the golden gate, out towards the ocean. we know there are people on there. they're not stranded, as raj and janelle were mentioning. they're out there trying to help in the efforts shore up this boat. i'm sure they want to take it in some fashion. small craft advisory in place. winds gusting in the low 30. wave heights about 5 to 7 feet at this point. so it is slightly unusual.
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but we always get gusty conditions here across the bay. it's not an extreme event that we're seeing right now. let's get you back into the weather boards, and what we're going to find here as we continue throughout the next 48 hours. the jet stream just off to the north. so the storm track is getting close. but problem with getting any kind of rainfall, at least right now, is high pressure offshore. that will keep it warm here at these dry offshore winds. at the coastline, temperatures will be in the 70s and 80s the next 48 hours, and even look at some 90s here across the interior east, and also for the south bay. for tomorrow, daytime highs will top out at 88 in san jose. 90 in napa. also 91 in santa rosa. and 81 in san francisco. add in your thee-day forecast, low 90s wednesday and thursday inland. by friday we start to see numbers go down. then by this upcoming weekend, we have 70s coming back. and take a look at this. by monday and tuesday of next week we have what looks to be our first widespread storm system that is on track to hit the bay area.
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it may even mean a quarter to a half inch of rainfall for us. >> so you will be working? >> extra hard. >> i'm very excited. i will work all hours, every day. >> we know you will. thanks, jeff. okay. we want the leave you with another look at the capsized oracle boat. as you can see, it has flipped over. this is video from just moments ago. the crew working hard to try to secure this. it is being -- basically, the currents are pushing it out into the ocean. they are trying hard to tow it back to pier 80, but the good news, no one is hurt. of course we're keeping an eye on this situation. keep it here on nbc bay area news. and you can go online for any updates. and we'll be back in a moment.
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the stage is set, literally. you see the people filing in. presidential debate number two with president obama and mitt romney in less than an hour. in fact, 35 minutes away. this is right outside of new york city. this is a live look inside of the auditorium at hofstra university. we're back in a moment with some analysis from our political analyst larry gerston. stay with us.
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the presidential debate tonight. larry, hyperbole or fact? this is the most critical night of the race so far. >> the president has got some ground to make up. that is for sure. after that lackluster performance a few weeks ago, president obama has got to show why he deserves a second term. meanwhile, you've got challenger mitt romney. he has the opportunity to build on the momentum that he sees two weeks ago. >> what is the game plan? what is the goal for both men here? >> for romney, it's to show people that he can be presidential by being firm, but embracing middle america. and for the president, it's to
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show a sense of urgency to finish the job, and a willingness to confront romney for what he sees as inaccuracies. just remember, for both of these guys, the stakes are elevated tonight like they haven't been at any point until now. >> larry, 15 seconds or less. this new town hall format, who does it benefit? >> it's hard to tell. each has to be informal. the one who can be informal and then turn to the larger issue is the one who will succeed. >> larry gerston, thank you. we'll be watching the debate. we'll report back with a full analysis at 11:00. >> nbc will have full coverage starting at 6:00 tonight. "nightly news" is next, and we'll be back here at 11:00 p.m. >> thanks for joining us.
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